The Van Vleck family has been embracing sustainable practices on the ranch long before it was “in” to do so. For generations, we have passed down the fundamental understanding that our livelihood is connected to the land and environment. We help each new generation understand the joys of proactively working with the livestock, land and environment to create wholesome and nutritious foods for Americans and our neighbors abroad.

These sustainable practices include:

  • Raising grass fed beef for over a century
  • Growing our hay with little or no pesticides
  • Protecting almost 800 acres of agricultural land so it stays in agriculture permanently
  • Working with California Waterfowl Association and other organizations to help protect wildlife
  • Serving as teaching site for USDA on practices to improve water and land quality.


Because ranchers live on the land and because our families' futures depend on our success at building and maintaining the health of the ecosystem on our properties, we believe that ranchers provide an essential role in the stewardship of our nation's native rangelands. 

In that spirit, the Van Vleck family made a significant commitment to the Sacramento region’s environmental future by entering into a conservation easement with Sacramento Valley Conservancy. This easement ensures to protect forever over 775 acres of vernal pools, wetlands, uplands and Swainson's Hawk habitat on our property.

We have been active in shaping the future of the region, helping the long term protection of agriculture and the environment, by serving in leadership roles in the Sacramento Metro Chamber, California Cattlemen’s Association, Amador, El Dorado, Sacramento Cattlemen’s Association, Sacramento Farm Bureau and South Sacramento Habitat Conservation Plan.

Van Vleck Ranch is proud to be a demonstration site for the Natural Resource Conservation Service. Their work has involved improving the ranch environment by reducing soil erosion and improving water quality while improving the health of our livestock.