Large Events

Sports or Entertainment

If you are considering putting on a large outdoor sporting or other entertainment event, we can likely handle it. Your event can be held on beautiful oak woodlands or open savannas on our nine square miles of land just 20 miles east of Sacramento. We can host events accommodating up to 10,000 people per day and parking for approximately 2000 automobiles. 

We are located on a major state highway for easy access. Our venue is within 30 minutes a metropolitan area with over one million people. We are also approximately 75 miles from the San Francisco Bay area. Unfortunately, we cannot do small events or allow for people to use our land for camping, hiking or other similar purposes.

Upcoming Events

Community Use

The Van Vleck family has been committed to giving back to the community. Blessed with the land and opportunities that it brings, we understand that it is important to allow others in the community the opportunity to experience those benefits as well.

We are pleased to allow almost 50,000 people a year use our ranch so they can train to help protect our community, learn about ranching or simply enjoy the outdoors.
We take pride that community children from Boys Scouts, Girl Scouts and local schools use our land to help develop their understanding of agriculture and the environment and have fun sleeping under the stars or catching their first fish.

Our family is also honored to allow the Sacramento Metro Fire, Cal Fire and the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department to train on our ranch to help protect our local citizens from flood, fire or other emergency conditions. That honor also extends to the National Guard whose soldiers train to help local citizens in our community during disasters or other emergency situations as well as rescuing and caring for soldiers who are injured in military situations around the world.